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Lighting and Weather on Your Wedding Day

Lighting and Weather on Your Wedding Day

I’m confident shooting in dynamic weather conditions. Rain or shine, we will be as prepared as possible to have the best time. Some of my favorite images are created on the rainiest wedding days! As a Ouray wedding photographer, you can’t avoid rain, so I embrace it. (As it rains almost every afternoon for a short spell during the summer months).

Weather in the mountains makes your pictures unique and stunning! And typically the rain showers don’t last for long, don’t worry we will still have an awesome day!

​When choosing your ceremony spot at your venue, it’s important to know where the sun will be at the time of day you are exchanging your vows, so you will have an idea of what to expect for your wedding ceremony photographs. Here are different types of lighting and how they look on camera, as well as some tips for lighting your reception.

Lighting and Weather on Your Wedding Day

Open Shade

This creates soft even lighting all around. It’s easy to take photos of the processional to the recessional with a cohesive look for the duration of the ceremony.

Lighting and Weather on Your Wedding Day

​Direct Sun

This is when the sun is shining directly on to you. Have you ever taken a picture while the sun is shining on your face? If you’re not wearing sunglasses it’s hard to see in front of you without squinting. Direct sun lighting is very harsh and high contrast. Your backdrop of your ceremony will be very clear. One suggestion is to get
under a structure that provides shade, such as a tree, gazebo, etc. during the ceremony. This is a great way to
​combat direct sun.

Lighting and Weather on Your Wedding Day

Indirect and Backlighting​

Walking down the aisle the sun will be direct on you, but with the sun behind you during the ceremony and recessional, there can be sun flares and lighting glows from behind you. It’s really dreamy and romantic. This is my favorite for late afternoon and into sunset!

Lighting and Weather on Your Wedding Day


Even soft lighting, with moody skies. Overcast days make it easy to photography a ceremony in a open field, or anywhere that wouldn’t have even lighting on a clear sunny day. Clouds also create a really dynamic sky which can be really epic in the background.

Reception Lighting

Once the sun goes down, a well lit reception is going to really make a difference in your reception images. Cafe lights, curtain lights, string lights, candles etc. will all create a beautiful glow, and allow you and your guests to still see each other! If your event is outdoors, and uncovered, you will want extra lighting. Indoors, lighting can bounce off of walls and the ceiling. Outdoors there is no where for the light to bounce, and so extra lighting will be extremely helpful! **During your first dance, and other formal dances, it is best not to have colored or flashing lighting. So ask your DJ or coordinator to refrain from dimming the lights and turning on any lighting effects, until after these events.

Lighting and Weather on Your Wedding Day


​I hope these lighting and weather tips were helpful in planning out your perfect day.

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