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5 Activities for your Mountain Elopement

How to make your adventure mountain elopement even more special.

YES! So you decided to have an adventure elopement in the mountains! But, now what? What will your day look like? How do you begin?

First things first, I think locking in your vendors first is so important! Typically the summer months are most busy for weddings/elopements and even more so in mountain towns. There usually aren’t a ton of local vendors to choose from in the first place, let alone, when everyone wants to get married in a two-month time span. You definitely do not want to wait until the last minute and miss out on local vendors or have to pay large amounts in travel fees for vendors who have to travel in. Trust me, book your vendors sooner rather than later! (A little side note here, local vendors know the area so well and are able to guide you to certain locations, how to handle altitude changes, etc.)

Common vendors to book for your adventure mountain elopement includes; photographer, videographer, florals, and a hair and makeup artist.

After you have your vendors booked, it’s time to begin planning out your adventure elopement day!

Whew, vendors are booked. Check.

Now it’s time to begin the fun part of planning out your elopement day! Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

Choosing your adventure elopement location can be intimidating, but don’t stress! Choose a place that you absolutely love, maybe it holds a special memory for you or it could be a location that is brand new! That’s okay, You can also rely on your photographer (like me) to help guide you into a location that best suits your overall elopement-day vision!

5 Activities for your Mountain Elopement

You have your vendors booked, and your location or general area is set. Now, how do you want your day to look? Do you want to fill your day with fun activities? Do you want to explore the area? Do you want to set back and relax? Whatever you want to do on your elopement day, YOU SHOULD DO IT!

So here we go, 5 activities you can do on your adventure elopement day:

01. Jeeping/Off-roading

In the San Juan Mountains, specifically, Ouray County, which I am delighted to call home, there are so many trail options to choose from! In the immediate vicinity, there are limitless opportunities for four-wheelers, from easy scenic drives to rugged challenges, from trails the miners built to passes that climb to spectacular heights. All of these have one factor in common: they traverse some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Choose from delicate alpine tundra abundant with wildflowers, ghost towns, abandoned mines, animal life, and breathtaking vistas.

The most popular are Yankee Boy Basin, Imogene Pass, Corkscrew Pass, Engineer Pass, and Black Bear Pass. You don’t have to go with the most popular though! There are countless amazing locations to go to that are off the beaten path. Again, choosing local vendors can help you find those more unique locations! One thing to always remember is to STAY THE TRAIL. Do not drive on the delicate tundra. Let’s keep these beautiful places beautiful for generations to come!

02. Hiking

The current 84 trails are maintained by the Ouray Trail Group. Trails in the Ouray area vary considerably in their nature and origins depending on where they are. The southern part of the county is characterized by steep rugged terrain that is heavily mineralized. Trails in this region were generally created by early miners, beginning in the mid-1870s and continuing for several decades thereafter. The northern half of the County is less steep with densely wooded terrain and agricultural heritage of farms and ranches. Both halves offer unique and interesting hiking options that will vary with the season of the year. Some of my FAVORITE TRAILS in the area include Neosho/Sutton Mine Trail, Dallas Divide, Ice Lakes, and the Perimeter Trail.

03. Get on the Water

Whether it’s canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking, or whatever floats your boat (ha, don’t leave) getting out on the water is a fun way to include a unique activity on your elopement day. Mountain terrain typically has beautiful high-alpine lakes that photograph beautifully. Why not get out there and take advantage of those gorgeous turquoise hues? Here are my favorite lakes in the area: Alta Lakes, Crystal Lake, Blue Lakes, Ice Lakes, Molas Lake, and last but not least Lake Como (no, not in Italy, although that one is pretty amazing too)!

04. Pack a Picnic

You have to eat, so why not make it fun and light on your elopement day? I have had so many couples pack a picnic and enjoy it next to a mountain stream or turquoise blue lake. Pretty dreamy if you ask me! A charcuterie board, sandwiches or even cooking over a campfire are wonderful dining ideas in the mountains! Bring along champagne and really get your fancy on!

05. Go on a Helicopter Tour

If you want to see the breathtaking scenery without hiking or offroading, going on a helicopter tour is an easy and epic way to enjoy the sights! This is a dream of mine and I think it would be so epic! Alpine Heli Tours is the only company that provides flights during the summer months. Helitrax and Silverton Mountain run during the winter months.

**BONUS: Master list of elopement day activities:

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