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6 Reasons to Elope Instead of Following the Traditional Wedding Day Plan

Hey there, you beautiful bride or groom to be! Let’s talk about why eloping is the best thing you can do to have a wedding day experience you’ll never forget.

Eloping used to mean getting married at 3 a.m. in Vegas or running off with a secret lover. While it still means running off somewhere with the love of your life, now it’s more about intimate, intentional vows said in mind-blowing locations! Elopements, at their core, are for couples who want a more purposeful wedding experience in a dreamy place. But there are even more reasons to elope than you might think!

So, let’s talk about my favorite reasons to elope and say “I do” exactly where, when, and how you want to!

Caity + Eddie

Reason 1: You’d rather save up for a significant investment

One of the primary reasons many couples choose to elope is because it’s much cheaper than a traditional wedding. Rather than paying for a venue, caterer, bar, DJ, guest favors, and all the extra elements that come with having an entire wedding, you only have to pay for a few things in your elopement—travel and lodging, wedding attire, flowers, and a photographer to document it all. There won’t be any huge expenses associated with even the most luxurious elopements. Think of it like a vacation that’s slightly more splurge-y than usual. 

So, if that big party vibe isn’t for you and you’d rather spend your cash on a house together, a jaw-dropping honeymoon, a return to college, or a baby on the horizon, eloping is a great choice! 

Reason 2: Being the center of attention isn’t really your thing

Maybe you dread being the center of attention, or you just can’t imagine walking around in a big white dress in a hotel ballroom. Maybe a big wedding just doesn’t feel quite like you. In that case, eloping is a perfect solution because there’s really no rulebook. You plan it exactly how you want to have it. Elopements are the most flexible wedding day imaginable!

Elopements are also much smaller—either a handful of guests or just you two, the officiant, and your photographer—so you don’t need to feel uncomfortable as the center of attention. Your elopement can be private and intimate, and you can design it to feel much more like you without feeling like you need to fit a mold. 

Reason 3: You want a very intentional, meaningful wedding day

At a traditional wedding, you read your vows to each other in front of dozens, sometimes hundreds, of other people. You can’t be very intimate with each other because there are lots of others watching. So, if you want your marriage to feel super intimate and private, an elopement is right for you.

Don’t feel scared about pouring your heart and soul into your vows because it’s just you two! And even if you bring a few guests, it’s still much smaller than a traditional wedding. You’ll get to share a truly intimate moment together while saying “I do” and enjoying the stunning views all around you!

Caity + Eddie

Reason 4: You want the flexibility to build the day you wish to, not the day you feel like you’re supposed to have

During a traditional wedding day, you may feel pressured to follow a set schedule. Hair and makeup in the morning. Ceremony in the afternoon. Bridal party photos during cocktail hour. And on and on. Planning a traditional wedding is a science—there’s a specific way to do things and a specific timeline to follow. But planning an elopement is definitely an art! You get to craft the exact timeline you want without constraints. And if your timeline changes because of a last-minute issue? It’s not a problem! In a traditional wedding, schedule changes can bring on tons of stress, but an elopement gives you the freedom of flexibility. 

And if that flexibility feels overwhelming because you’re not sure what to plan? I can help with that! I always help my couples craft their timelines to best fit their needs, and I’d love to do the same for you. 

Reason 5: You want a stress-free day that you can truly enjoy

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. So why does it often become one of the most stressful? A traditional wedding can come with tons of extra, unnecessary stress that will put a damper on your day. 

A great reason to elope is to simply have the opportunity to enjoy your day to its fullest! For example, look at Catie and Eddie’s smiles while they shared a first dance in an open alpine meadow 12,000 feet in the sky.

Caity + Eddie

Instead of keeping up with relatives, making sure your vendors have everything they need, and following a strict timeline, you can simply relax and enjoy the day. I love watching couples savor each moment of their wedding rather than feeling stressed the entire time. 

As a Colorado elopement photographer, I help make the planning process seamless. I provide location and vendor recommendations in the area. I even plan your timeline with you based on my years of experience photographing elopements for couples like you!

Reason 6: You want to explore a new place while having a truly epic adventure!

Eloping also allows you to get out into the world and see a breathtaking place that you may never have the opportunity to see again. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars for a venue, simply enjoy our beautiful public lands completely for free! Nature gives us the best venue possible, so take advantage of it!

Just look how incredible this venue was for Caity and Eddie! It was completely free, and just a jeep ride away!

Caity + Eddie

I’m also Leave No Trace certified, which means I’m knowledgeable in how to be mindful of the environment you may be eloping in. By respecting local wildlife and disposing of waste properly, we can make sure your elopement is as good for the environment as it is for you!

Your elopement adventure is just a few steps away (for real!)

Another great thing about elopements is that the planning process is much easier than for traditional weddings, so when I say your elopement is just a few steps away, I really mean it! Learn more about the elopement experiences I offer, or dive right in and contact me today!



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