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The Process- How To Hire Me& How The Process Works | Adventure Elopement Photographer

The Process- How To Hire Me& How The Process Works | Adventure Elopement Photographer

​Typically when I talk to a prospective bride/groom I like to tell her/him about myself and how I can please you (i’m a major people pleaser) and we talk about what all I do for my couples. I typically end up speaking for well over an hour, on how everything works with working with me. This is what I cover:

  • The process my couples go through before finding me when deciding to elope.
  • When they find me.
  • How they hire me.
  • Their concerns, needed advice, best mountain locations.
  • That my entire business is built around my couples’ experience.
  • And then the most important part- how I help them have the wedding of their dreams.
  • ​About the tons of tiny details I help my couples work through to make the day 100% theirs.

​I’m so much more than just your elopement photographer, which is sometimes hard to explain all the things in one spot.

It made me realize I could write a resource to help couples see the difference of what a Aubrey Beth Photography elopement is like versus just having an elopement photographer tagging along their adventure. I know I have literally an entire website, which you’re on now, that gives you an idea of what this service is. BUT, I know that sometimes people need something that lays things out, from A to Z, in a concise way to fully find clarity. Plus, my website is only a part of the process and is so hard to lay out everything without overwhelming you. So I am SO stoked to write this and share with you exactly what it looks like and how I’m more than just your photographer.

Here’s a little secret:


and there are no rules on how to create yours – which is where I come in.
Below is what to expect when having me as your elopement photographer & planner and
how I help you through your elopement journey.

The Process- How To Hire Me& How The Process Works | Adventure Elopement Photographer


This isn’t my first rodeo and I know that couples are researching many vendors, many places, and a lot of things before they reach out to me. I know that deciding to elope is emotionally charged, with positives and possible negatives dealing with family drama, so because of that, one of my main priorities is to support you before we even meet.

  • You will find an entire Ouray Wedding Guide page dedicated to this time in your journey.
  • You can search my social media which has tips to planning your elopement posted just about every day.
  • Checking out my Instagram stories also has some help in ways of me posting all of the dreamy locations we can go to.
  • When you’re still in the conceptualizing phase of your elopement planning journey, you can also check out my Pinterest boards that are set up with one single purpose: to help you plan and get that inspiration boards going!

The Process- How To Hire Me& How The Process Works | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Step 2: What To Expect & How To Book Me

​After you have searched some resources and learned more about me, you might feel a bit confident that I might be the one for you to making your day as awesome as you’re imagining it. Maybe you even are excited at the fact that I can help you think of some awesome details you hadn’t even thought of yet! But, the most important thing to note is that you feel excited to reach out because it seems like I totally understand what you’re going through right at this very moment. You know that I understand the courage it takes to elope, that you might have some emotional hurdles to get over, that you want someone just as excited as you for your elopement, and you are loving the photos you’re seeing.

And, if all goes well, you might even lock me in as your Elopement Magical Unicorn for the day, so here’s how it works:

  1. Reach out to schedule your free consultation aka discovery call with me to chat about your elopement ideas.
    This really is a discovery call where we will meet, see each other’s vibes, you can ask all the questions, and I can start to get an idea of what your dream day will take to make it happen in real life in Iceland, Scotland, or anywhere in the world.
  2. After the call, I will send you my packages that we discussed, and if we need to customize it, I’m happy to (customizing is my favorite)
    Your day will be how you want it. I make these packages ahead of time to help you start a vision, that we can totally morph into whatever your pretty little hearts desires.
  3. Pick the package that lights your fire that you want to book. 
    These are great packages for eloping in Ouray, I mean a romantic, mountain picnic? Yes, Please!  Also if you want to add anything to the package before booking-you can!
  4. To officially lock us in together, a $500 non-refundable retainer payment is made and contract is signed.
    The retainer goes towards holding your date and to start getting my help immediately after booking. The contract will be for both of us- I don’t mess around when it comes to business and anyone you’re speaking to that doesn’t require a contract is not protecting you. **I also offer payment plans to offer if that helps you out!
  5. Help is on the way seconds after booking!
    You will receive your wedding experience guide with me, my favorite vendor list, and some more helpful resources to kick your planning into high gear. Plus, you will have me for forever to be your personal Ouray Mountain girl, helping you with every step.

The Process- How To Hire Me& How The Process Works | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Step 3: What We Do Together Before Your Elopement

You know you want to elope, you know it will be special, but you just don’t know how to harness that dream and make it happen. And my friends, that’s where I step in to help you:

  • I’ll help you find your other vendors and all other parts of the day that you will need. All you need to do is book your own plane tickets & accommodations (which I have lots of recommendations for).
  • We will stay in communications as you start pulling pieces together.
    I will be reaching out, reaching out with more help, and sending you simple questionnaires.
    This is where you can use me for advice on places to stay during your trip, restaurants to visit, and adventures to go on.
  • Your timeline will be built to feel seamless throughout the day.
    I take into account the sunlight patterns for the day / time of year, the weather patterns, the locations we are going to and the amount of people in them, and how to maximize all of the locations in the amount of time booked with me.
  • A Plan B (and C) for any weather we might encounter. Although I love shooting in ANY weather because I think it makes the photos so fantastically unique!
  • Your location itinerary will flow, bringing you to so many epic areas, into the off-the-beaten-path areas, and it will feel like an adventure the entire day. I’ll make sure all the details are covered!

    Helping you with all the little details is my absolute favorite and I’m OBSESSED with locations. I will be planning out your  timeline, help coordinate the other vendors, and will map out a completely custom location itinerary from my exclusive locations I’ve scouted for you.


The Process- How To Hire Me& How The Process Works | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Step 4: Your Experience During Your Epic Elopement Day

OH boy, this is my favorite part of my job. This is the part that all of the work we have done together for the past few months gets to happen. Being able to see your faces practically melt off as you see the location you’re going to say your mushy, private vows to each other at for the first time seriously lights my soul on fire. I love all other aspects of the job, but this… THIS IS THE PART I REALLY LIVE FOR.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to me that your experience throughout the entire journey, form consult to elopement day, is easy and smooth so when you get to your elopement day you can take in a deep breath and feel amazing. How the rundown of your day will go:

  • I will show up to where you’re getting ready and the day will start!
  • It will feel a lot like your friend from Ouray is there to hangout.
    Who, happens to also have a camera (actually two).
  • I’ll help orchestrate the entire day for you so you never have to think ‘what should we be doing?’
    I promise to never be intrusive and gently guide you throughout the day.
  • After you’re done getting ready, all details shots are taken, you’re done with your cute pancake breakfast, we will take off.
  • Your day will come together and happen just as you had hoped, whether that’s with an Officiant or without (yay Colorado!).
  • All day you can sit back, let me take you in my Jeep from location to location, with my magic basket of snacks in the back.
    You two can just be in your little love bubble, letting the day happen WITH you, and enjoying every single moment.
  • I will capture all of those moments, from candid, to the epic landscape shots.
    All of the emotions, the laughs, and the butt grabs WILL be documented.
  • I guide you into position all day long and never make you feel like you’re in a photoshoot.
    You can have fun, not stress, and know you are getting one of a kind artwork made of your day.

The Process- How To Hire Me& How The Process Works | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Step 5: After Your Elopement.

Warning: It can be life changing.The fun doesn’t stop when the day of your elopement ends. This is the time that you get to spend a vacation with your new spouse. You can call each other those cute marriage names. You can soak it up and tell everyone ‘I just got married at those twin waterfalls up the mountain’. This time is so special and I want you to keep having those elopement goosebumps for months and months and months.

After your elopement, this is what you can expect:

  • You will get some sneaky sneak peeks of your day before you leave to go back home so you can post and brag to everyone.
    If you got married in the most epic landscapes, I know how much you might want to make the people back home envious.
  • Your final gallery will be delivered on an online gallery to download all of the images.
  • Your gallery will be delivered in a 4-6 week time frame with both high-res and websize. You can share this link with anyone you want so they can download whatever images they want leaving you out of being the dropbox middle(wo)man.
  • ​We will stay connected so feel free to reach out and say hi whenever you want.

So when you are back in Ouray for your 1 year anniversary- I can meet you for some lunch.

If you’ve made it this far, I hope this information helps you understand what all is involved and why this experience is so much more than just hiring a photographer. I can’t wait to help you plan your day and make it as special as you know it can be. Also, check out my blog post about My Favorite Ouray Locations to help you decide on the perfect location!


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