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3 Reasons To Have A First Look For Your Elopement

3 Reasons To Have A First Look For Your Elopement

1 } You are getting ready at different locations

The first reason why you should have a First Look on your Elopement is that if you and your fiance are getting ready in different locations. Maybe you two are more traditional and haven’t moved in together yet. Maybe you two want all the anticipation of seeing each other for the first time all done up in your wedding attire. Maybe one of you snores and the other wants their beauty sleep haha! Don’t think I can’t capture both of you if you are getting ready at separate (but still close together) locations.

2 } You have a few close family members or friends with you

Maybe you two have a few close friends or family members who came with you on your trip to elope. Or maybe you are doing a low key night out the day before you elopement with them, or a stay in and chat about the times that have led to this moment. Perhaps your best friend is going to do your hair and makeup in the morning for you and you want that time just between you and your best friend before you get married to help settle the excitement nerves you might have. This can be a sweet time for you and a few close friends before you see the love of your life.

3 } You have a special place you want to see each other for the first time

Do you two have a perfect image in your head of the San Juan Mountains in the background as you see each other for the first time? Maybe you have always dreamed of walking up behind the person you love and placing your hand on their back and leaning into them to whisper how much they mean to you before they turn around and see you in your wedding outfit. Have you always waited for this moment where they turn around and “HOLY WOOOOOWWW YOU LOOKIN’ FINE!” jaw dropping moment. Or maybe you know you will lose it when you see each other and you want that captured in the most picture perfect backdrop you have ever seen? Let’s make whatever your wedding vision is come to life before your very eyes.

BONUS } When NOT to do a First Look for your Elopement?

The ‘when not to’ is really one of my favorite reasons. It’s when you two choose to get ready together for your elopement. These are some of the sweetest moments from the day you two might exchange with each other. As you help each other get ready for the day, you exchange little glances and sweet words to each other, and it is so adorable. I honestly love couples who choose to forgo a first look in exchange for getting ready together because of the tender moments it creates between each of you that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.


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